Don’t you just love sunsets? Here in Arizona, when there are clouds, the sunsets can be spectacular. Some times it seems like the sky is on fire. At other times the sunsets are more subtle and subdued, but almost every one of them are beautiful to me.

It always feels good to come to the end of a day when we have worked at whatever we do and then lay down the burden of labor for a while. There is something special about being able to simply sit down and enjoy the evening. When we are able to share the time with others, it is even better. Are we not blessed to be able to enjoy our evenings day after day, night after night? Yes, life is good.

Think about this. There are a lot of people in this world who cannot enjoy their lives like you and I do. Their circumstances are not like ours. 1.2 billion people struggle every day with extreme poverty. 1 in 6 people right here in the USA do not always get enough to eat. At least 300 million people live in countries currently at war. The list goes on and on. It must be difficult for most of those people to enjoy the end of the day.

Perhaps a more important statistic is that about 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion people have no faith in Jesus Christ. About 40% of those people live in cultures that have never really heard the gospel, never! Some of them may have a peaceful and prosperous enough environment to enjoy a sunset but they are not prepared for death or the Day of the Lord. They cannot have genuine peace. They have an eternal problem! What, if anything, should you and I be doing about this?

Yes, we can watch a sunset and enjoy the end of the day. We should do that every day we can. However, unless our work for that day is done, it might not be so easy to relax and lay down our burdens. We will just be tired and weary. However, we have a cure for that problem. Jesus will carry the load. When we come to Him, He gives us rest. Thank God, we can and should relax and enjoy the end of the day.

Through my lens,


About My Photo:  “Painted By God”, Nikon D5100, 155mm Focal Length, f/22, 1.3 second exposure, ISO 640, taken near Parker Arizona in the Sonoran Desert.  Photo is available for printing on paper, canvas or metal.  Contact me.

Painted By God

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