East of Parker, Arizona there are miles and miles of desert with just a few roads. The area appears to be desolate and dreary for the most part. The wind blows over the dry brush, raising clouds of dust. The sun beats down on everything, mercilessly driving the moisture away. Sooner or later just about everything becomes brown.

Someone said that seeing beauty in the desert was a gift from God. It is true that the beauty in the desert is not easily perceived by lazy eyes. However, water changes everything and recent rains made a lot of difference here. Our desert is beginning to bloom. The dry brown sameness is beginning to show signs of new life and color.

It seems to me that the desert is a lot like a soul without Jesus. Dry, dead sameness endlessly fills the days and weeks and months and years. But when Jesus comes into someone’s heart, it is like rain on the desert. New life springs up and everything changes! The Apostle Paul wrote, “Those who become Christians become new persons. They are not the same anymore, for the old life is gone. A new life has begun!”

35 years ago this happened to me. I gave my heart to Jesus and the desert bloomed!

Through my lens,


Photo: Sand Verbena — Abronia villosa

This is not really in the verbena family but is part of the four-oclock family of plants. It only blooms when there is plenty of rain. Mostly in the Mohave Desert, rare in the Sonoran Desert.

Photo “Sand Verbena In The Desert” : Nikon D5100, 185mm, f/8 focal length, 1/320 second exposure, ISO 100, taken east of Parker Arizona.  Photo is available for printing on paper, canvas, or metal.  Contact me.

Desert Verbena

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